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What Causes Discolored Teeth

Having a bright and vibrant smile can often make us feel more confident. But discoloration tends to make us feel more self-conscious instead. There are many different reasons patients can suffer from discolored teeth in McLeansville, NC. But there are also many different ways to help treat discoloration. After examining your mouth and discussing your medical history, your dentist can help determine the cause of discoloration and provide treatment options.

Discolored Teeth in MCLEANSVILLE, NC could be caused by a variety of factors

Causes of Discolored Teeth in McLeansville, NC

Everyone’s mouth is different, and everyone will have a naturally different shade to their teeth. One of the most common reasons behind discoloration is simply genetics; some patients just naturally have a different shade of teeth. Aging, too, is a natural cause of discoloration. However, there are some other reasons behind discoloration that could be caused by other concerns.

Improper Oral Hygiene

When we fail to brush and floss properly, our teeth and gums start to develop plaque and tartar buildup. Over time, these substances can damage the enamel of our teeth, even leading to decay and disease. Improper oral hygiene is a common cause of discolored teeth. And discoloration is often a sign of other problems caused by improper brushing and flossing, such as gum disease.

Smoking and Drinking Staining Liquids

Smoking and drinking dark, staining liquids are also other common causes of discoloration. The harsh chemicals in a cigar or cigarette can affect the chemistry of your mouth, staining your teeth over time. And if you drink too many dark liquids, such as soda, your teeth can start to wear away and develop staining as well. Properly brushing or rinsing your teeth, especially after smoking or drinking staining liquids, can help reduce their effect. But avoiding them altogether is the best way to help prevent discoloration.


Certain medications can also lead to discoloration. The way medicine interacts with your body chemistry can often show up in different ways. Some medications, for example, also lead to dry mouth. If you develop discoloration after starting a new medication or medical treatment, it’s possible that could be the cause. Your doctor and dentist can work together to determine how best to keep your teeth and body healthy at the same time.

Treatment for Discoloration

If your teeth do suffer staining or discoloration, there are a few different options available. A common treatment method is professional whitening. While this method does require routine touch-up appointments, it tends to be more cost-effective in the long run and only requires retreatment when you want it. For a more costly yet permanent solution, patients may choose to get porcelain veneers that are matched to the shade they desire.

No matter which treatment option you wish to choose, McLeansville Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here to help. Give us a call at 336.506.6545 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our teeth whitening options.