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Restorative Dentistry McLeansville, NC

Do you need a solution for damaged or missing teeth?

If so, our team at McLeansville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can work with you to find the solution you need to address your dental concerns. As an experienced restorative dentist in McLeansville, NC, Dr. Quinn Woodruff offers a wide range of solutions for patients with tooth damage, missing teeth, periodontal disease, and other restorative concerns.

Whether you are searching for dental implants in McLeansville or dental bonding, our office offers the care you need to restore health and balance to your smile.

restorative dentistry mcleansville nc

Repairing Tooth Damage: What Are My Options?

Worn, cracked, and damaged teeth can be unsightly and may even be an indication of a complex dental problem. Understanding the underlying cause of tooth damage is key to preventing future damage and finding the best solution for your smile. At our Greensboro area dentist office, we are committed to giving our patients the best that dentistry has to offer. We work with you on an individual basis to understand your needs and recommend the best solution for your smile.

In many cases, damaged teeth can be repaired using a range of treatment options; however, the treatment you receive will depend on the location of tooth damage, its severity, and the type of damage. During your consultation, we will discuss your cosmetic goals, and restorative needs to determine the most suitable solution for your smile.

Replacing Missing Teeth: What Are My Options?

Replacing missing teeth is essential to the way your smile functions, how it appears, and its overall health. Understanding your replacement options and working with your dentist to choose the right replacement options for you is key to a successful tooth replacement process. Dr. Woodruff and our team offer a full range of tooth replacement options to meet your dental goals, oral health needs, and budget. Furthermore, after a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Woodruff, our goal is to help our patients make a more informed decision regarding their dental health.

Dr. Woodruff works in coordination with a local specialist for the surgical phase of the dental implant process. At McLeansville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offer implant dentures, implant secured dental bridges, and a full range of dental implant services to suit your every need. Our goal is to restore function and beauty to your natural smile through comprehensive, personalized treatment planning.

Schedule An Appointment To Restore Your Smile

McLeansville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry welcomes new and existing patients to visit our McLeansville, NC dentist office. Our comprehensive approach to restorative care yields high quality, long lasting results for patients with missing or damaged teeth.

If you are looking for a solution for tooth damage or missing teeth, Dr. Woodruff and our team can help you find the solution you need to restore function and health to your smile. If you would like to schedule a restorative consultation, call 336.506.6545, or request an appointment online.