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Maintain Good Oral Hygiene While Traveling

If you booked a vacation, you know there is a lot to plan. Between flights, hotels, and meals, it can be easy to forget small details before you leave for your trip.

Oral hygiene is just as important on vacation as it is while you are at home. McLeansville Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, a dental practice in McLeansville, NC, offers tips for keeping your smile clean and healthy while you travel.

oral hygiene tips for family vacation in McLeansville North Carolina

Keep Oral Hygiene Supplies Handy

A toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are crucial tools to your oral hygiene regimen, and you likely remember to pack them in your suitcase. However, during long trips, it is a good idea to have spare supplies that you carry with you.

Luggage can be inaccessible during long flights, and you might be away from your hotel room frequently if your trip is loaded with activities. You can carry floss or sugar-free gum in your handbag or pocket to ensure you are able to keep your teeth clean on the go.

Choose Healthy Snacks

You may have meals planned in specific restaurants during your vacation, but for snacks in between, you should be conscientious. Snacks with a high sugar content can harm the enamel of your teeth and leave you vulnerable to major dental problems.

Fibrous or crunchy foods without added sugar can be optimal food choices if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Hard-textured foods, like apples or celery, can clean plaque build-up and lingering food particles from your teeth between your oral hygiene regimens.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water keeps your whole body healthy, but adequate hydration levels have specific benefits for your oral health. Staying hydrated maintains a normal level of saliva production to avoid dry mouth.

This condition can be unpleasant and cause bad breath, but it also raises your risk of oral infections like gum disease. A glass of water can also rinse residue from your teeth for another type of oral hygiene boost between brushings.

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