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How A Mouthguard Can Benefit Your Smile

dentist in McLeansville, NC Few patients know that mouthguards are actually a multi-functional oral appliance that can be utilized to treat a variety of dental concerns. At McLeansville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer custom mouthguards for patients of all ages. Custom-made mouthguards offer patients a variety of benefits. Here are just some of the ways that a custom mouthguard can benefit your smile:

Protection During Sports

Probably the most obvious benefit to utilizing a mouthguard is protecting your smile as you play sports. Many sports require participants to utilize a mouthguard including football, baseball, wrestling, and cheerleading. While many people purchase mouthguards from sport supply stores, we recommend pursuing a custom-made mouthguard. Custom-made mouthguards are guaranteed to fit your smile, unlike over-the-counter mouthguards which are a one-size-fits-all approach to tooth protection. This means you don’ have to worry about your custom-made mouthguard falling out during physical activity. Additionally, custom-made mouthguards allow athletes to breathe easier during physical activity. Improved oxygen flow can help enhance performance and endurance during sports, which makes them the preferred option for established or emerging athletes.

Preventing Teeth Grinding

Often, patients who do not play sports are unaware that mouthguards can actually help their smile in a variety of other ways. For patients who suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding, a custom-made mouthguard can help protect their smiles as they sleep. The mouthguard, also called a nightguard, is worn while you sleep. It acts as a shield for your teeth and prevents you from grinding them together unconsciously. Because teeth grinding often occurs during sleep, it is difficult for patients to determine if they grind their teeth on their own. However, during your oral health and wellness visits, Dr. Woodruff closely examines your teeth and jaw for any signs of teeth grinding. If you exhibit any signs of teeth grinding, we will inform you during your appointment. With the results from your exam, our team can build a comprehensive treatment plan to address current symptoms and prevent future issues caused by teeth grinding.

Reducing Jaw Pain

Many patients visit our office looking for relief from their persistent jaw pain. There are many causes of jaw pain including stress, bite misalignment, and damage caused by teeth grinding. Usually, jaw pain is referred to as a TMJ disorder when the pain is the result of irritation or damage to the temporomandibular joint. TMJ disorder presents with a variety of symptoms including pain or aching in the jaw, worn or flat teeth, increased tooth sensitivity, or clicking or popping in the jaw. Depending on the cause of your jaw pain, our doctors will recommend the best solution to help relieve your symptoms. Often, one of our solutions includes the use of a mouthguard to hold your jaw in a healthy resting position and relieve stress from the irritated joint. A mouthguard can help reposition the jaw and prevent the biting surfaces of the teeth from coming together.

If you would like to learn more about custom mouthguards in McLeansville, NC, schedule an evaluation with Dr. Woodruff. To schedule an appointment, call 336.506.6545 or request an appointment online.